Lets Get Your Life Together Shall We?


During this 6 week program you will learn how to build lasting confidence, the tools needed to manage your lifestyle with ease, & experience healing from wounded experiences.


A 20 Minute Consultation Will Be Conducted Prior To First Session

An Exit Session Will Conducted One Week After Final Coaching Session

(An email will be sent scheduling details)


Heres What To Expect:


Week One - Mindset Shifting, First Layer Healing

Breaking Down Old Thought Processes & Ideals


Week Two - Lifestyle Conditioning, Second Layer Healing

Dissect Current Lifestyle Set Up, Make A Freshed Plan That Reflects Desires


Week Three - New System Implementation, Third Layer Healing, Mindset Conditioning

Introduing New Lifestyle Techniques, Shifting Lifestyle Into A New Energy Space


Week Four - Self Roadmapping, Vibrational Shifting

Develop Personal Goal Plan, Condition Mindset For Vibrational Shifting


Week Five - Lifestyle Roadmapping + New Life Finalizing, Perspective Shifting 

Develop Lifestyle Goal Plan, Organize Final Details Of Current/Future Desires


Week Six - Game Planning, Conditioning

Exit Plan Discussion, Final Mindset Conditioning



$500.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price