I learned alot over the last year. From regaining my independence to understanding why I was so messed up lol lets just say the universe has been working on the girl. Nevertheless through this journey I learned that the relationship with myself was one of the most important and in order to truly be happy you must have a deep connection with self.

It sounds cliche but self love is the ONLY true love! If you can learn to adore yourself, be gentle, understanding, & patient... you can conquer the world. See, the way we treat ourselves ends up being the way others engage with us and downgrading self talk cripples our growth.

Take a moment to have a conversation with your inner girl and see what she thinks about the life your currently living. If there's some disappointment try being understanding and give yourself a hug. I know this may sound a little crazy but it works. Sometimes our inner girl needs to be consoled in order for us to live fruitfully in the present.

Loving on yourself may be odd if you grew up in a toxic environment or didn't have a strong-inspirational female role model. No worries though, you can dive into self adoring but you will need to trust the process and take things at your own pace. You can start by saying positive affirmations, correcting yourself when you are criticizing in a non productive way, & remember you are breaking an old mode so this process will take time.

Also consider not being so damn hard on yourself, take deep breaths often, & don't hold yourself to others standards. One thing for sure, people will set expectations on you but its your choice to live up to them.

Work on self loving and really tap into yourself this week. When you get time, research some ways to enhance this journey but know that the effort is needed and the work will pay off.

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