M E E T   C A T H E R I N E

 With my experience of being a mother, wife, starting my own business

and heck just going through life... I developed strategies that can help you live a bit more at ease while embracing your womanhood. 

Growing up and educated in the Windy City my journey began in the fashion industry as a runway model turned designer.

Living that lifestyle for a few years I transitioned into a magazine editor in chief and started a branding firm as my side hustle. Working with some of most influential names and brands, I learned the rules to the game of business

& how engage with various personality styles.


While building a career, I birthed by first child at 15, had 3 more, married

& figured out a way keep my personal life afloat.

No I'm not perfect or a superwoman, I just host a mindset that was passed down to me of strength and perseverance. Our species has been handling multiple roles for years, I'm just one of many. 

When I dived in to the world of writing and developing Bad Bitch Radio podcast I had no intention to build a tribe of astounding women, but rather to share my experiences and wisdom. And with the help of thousands (including men, lol)

Bad Bitch has become a real movement.